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Robbie Rich

Saxophone player Robbie Rich has been entertaining audiences for 25 years. Whether it’s the sultry tenor sax or the charismatic clarinet this multi-instrumentalist takes great pride in finding exactly the right musical vibe for your event. World cup winner Alan Ball was storming in his praise for Robbie’s rendition of ‘Over The Rainbow’ at his daughter’s celebrity wedding. The ability to ‘read’ a crowd a crowd, to provide either ambiance or excitement is of paramount importance to this consummate professional. 
Robbie has played in all the top London hotels (International function bands China Grove, The Mix with whom he has toured). Been part of top rhythm and blues outfit Something For The Weekend for 10 years (t.v. and radio appearances, celeb parties including George Michael) had numerous residencies with Jacuzzi Jazz duo (Southampton Boat Show, Rosies and Pebbles wine bars) been part of Pink Floyd Tribute band Perfect Alibi and worked with Spike Edney (5th member of Queen), 
Entertainment is the key! Do you want a party or background music whilst your wedding guests sip their champagne? For the latter Robbie would perhaps provide ‘Stranger On The Shore’ by Ackerbilk, or Ave Maria on classical flute – if on the other hand the party wants to dance how about ‘Brown-eyed Girl’ from Van Morrison? Or some swing (‘Fly Me To The Moon’ for the grandpas, or some Disney themes for the granddaughters) Always tuneful, Robbie uses the best equipment (bose speakers) blows a pair of Conn saxophones, silver yamaha flute and an oldle English Artley clarinet. He never arrives at a gig with less than a thousand songs at his disposal. And most importantly – for any sax player – he wears a hat! 


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