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UK Bee Gees

The UK Bee Gees are the most realistic tribute to the Bee Gees that you will ever see or hear. As the trio appear on the stage you can just feel the air of amazement by the audience. The UK Bee Gees have gone to great lengths to be certain that not only is the music very accurate, but that they look and act every inch as the Gibb brothers.

All the great songs, the harmony voices, the look (modern or 70's / 80's style), the mannerisms and the dry humour - all are faithfully re-created. From the first opening song of 'You Should Be Dancing', all the way through the romantic ballads such as 'How Deep Is Your Love' and finally into the fantastic disco film tracks such as 'Night Fever' and 'Stayin' Alive', you can be forgiven for thinking that the real Bee Gees are there with you.

The members of the UK Bee Gees have worked together since 1990 and have performed all over the world, including Europe, the U.S.A and Asia. They regularly host sell-out concerts in the U.K. and abroad and have performed at many of the top international venues and hotels.

Great P.A. & lighting is available and as this is modular (depending upon venue size) no job is too big or small. We have in excess of an 8K P.A. full lighting including FX lighting moving heads and led star cloth.

Solo Barry Gibb

So you want the great sound of the Bee Gees but don't have enough space for the whole band? Or simply on a budget? No problem - you can still have great entertainment from the lead vocalist of this fantastic tribute band.

Tony B founded the UK Bee Gees and is the main vocalist in the band. The vocals and instruments of the Maurice and Robin characters have been digitally recorded so that nothing is missing from the overall sound and there's still a superb P.A. system and stage lighting.

Whether it's a modern Barry in black leather or the tight-white-trousers 70's/80's look, Tony B will have you singing along to all of your favourite Bee Gees hits from the moment that he enters the stage.

John Bedford Entertainments Ltd