The Tipsy Waitress

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The Tipsy Waitress

Imagine being at a banquet, dinner, wedding, special occasion or corporate event and one of the waitresses begins to get a little mischievous, or maybe tipsy, then behaves quite badly and finally bursts into song and performs a cabaret? 
Imagine stifling your laughter because ONLY YOU know that Lulu is really an actress/vocalist, a master of improvisation with a rubber face and comic timing. Nobody suspects Lulu! 
Lulu's escapades will be the talk of the evening and weeks to come. 
You choose the level of the antics and audience participation, from a quiet dinner where Lulu simply waits on you and then bursts into a chaotic, interactive production where she'll have your guests laughing in no time.  
Antics are tailored to your liking e.g. tripping up, getting tipsy, mixing cocktails badly, getting told off, dropping in naughty jokes, in-jokes or a corporate message. 
She will also write a song parody based on inside information given. Dare to be different. You and your guests will never forget Lulu! 

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