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The Fourmost history

The Fourmost had its roots steeped in the eclectic 1960s Mersey beat

boom and was part of the Brian Epstein stable along with The Beatles,

Billy J Kramer, Gerry and The Pacemakers, Cilla Black and others. The

band has evolved from enjoying 1960's chart hits such as Hello Little Girl

(no.9) and A Little Loving (no.6) and less popular songs as I'm In Love

(17), Baby I Need Your Lovin (24), Girls Girls Girls (33) and a cover of

George Formby's Auntie Maggie's Remedy which failed to chart in the UK.

During the 1970s and the early 1980s like many of its peers, The

Fourmost played mainly on the cabaret circuit as it struggled to compete

for appeal with disco, funk, glam rock and punk.

Since the mid 1980s The Fourmost has enjoyed a golden era as part of

the wider 1960s revival scene and now appear throughout the UK and

Europe playing at theatre's, holiday parks and 60s festivals to a diverse

fan base.

The Fourmost have been continually active since forming as the Four

Jays in 1959, the personal may have changed over the years but the

sound and look of the band have remained the same.

The Fourmost are one of the most authentic 1960s bands currently on the

circuit today, from their Fender amps, Rapier guitars and Ludwig drums

down to their Italian made slim- fitted suits and Cuban heel boots.

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