Malcolm Pitt As Lionel Richie

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Malcolm Pitt as Lionel Richie

Malcolm Pitt's Tribute to Lionel Richie has taken him all over the world...

Europe's leading Lionel Richie Tribute Malcolm Pitt, who has had his show endorsed by Lionel Richie himself is very much in demand... Malcolm appeared with Lionel on the Graham Norton BBC show in 2009.

In October 2014 Malcolm appeared again with Lionel, this time sharing the Royal box with him at the prestigious London Palladium on ITV...

Malcolm has been singing professionally since 1989 when he appeared on Sky TV with his soul band Times Square, who won "Sky Star Search". In 1990 they took part in the Manchester Evening News "Search for a Star", and were runners up. Malcolm Pitt is the only recognised Lionel Richie tribute artist in the UK - and he is in much demand all over the country.

Malcolm Pitt's tribute to Lionel Richie has taken him all over the World. He used to spend most summers working in the sunshine of southern Europe and came home for autumn, winter & spring. Now Malcolm spends most of his time in beloved England.

Malcolm's voice has evolved so that he also performs varied soul tributes, including the voices of Barry White, The Drifters, Bob Marley and others. Demand is growing for this new show.

Malcolm's performance is so good that a lot of people think that he mimes. To convince the doubters, he often offers the microphone to members of the audience...

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