Forever Queen

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Mark Betteridge
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Forever Queen

Here’s just a brief outline of who we are and where we come from…………….. 
Forever Queen is a four piece band and was formed on the south coast in July 2011 and was the brain child of drummer Mark Mulholland. 
Queen has been one of THE most successful British rock bands of all times and as musicians, to be able to re-create their music is a privilege and an honour and a challenge. 
A little about us........  
Mark Mulholland - Drums 
Mark started his musical career as a teenager playing in local bands and in 1984 was asked to join the biggest rock band on the South coast Truffle playing guitar/keyboard. Over the years Truffle supported major rock bands such as Whitesnake, Twisted Sister, Magnum and Spider to name but a few. Whilst in Truffle Mark wrote ‘Running Out Of Time which went to number 1 in Germany and followed up with the singe ‘Starlight’ and the album ‘Bacon slicer’. This album and 2 others by Truffle were re-released in 2011. 
Following on from the success of Truffle, Mark formed the band Ashmarta, again playing guitar/keyboards. 
In 1991 Mark joined Syanara playing drums with lead singer Phil Bennett and in 1993 played drums for Exlibrus, who successfully toured Europe twice. 
Mark Willmott - Bass 
Mark has always played bass and started in 1984 with a 5 piece band called Basically Sound playing pop music. 
From there Mark formed the rock/pop duo Charm. 
In 2010 Mark joined a 6 piece soul/funk band called The Revivals and currently plays with a 4 piece rock’n’roll band called Old Skool. 
Craig Farley - Guitar 
Got turned onto wanting to learn guitar after watching Queen at Wembley 86 over and over after taping it off the TV. Got my first acoustic guitar in 1987 at the age of 11 and self taught myself from there on. 
Played in various Berkshire based rock covers bands from the age of 16. Joined Hampshire based female fronted rock band ‘Sucking Diesel’ in 2004, gigging lots up and down the country and recording several releases, one EP recorded and produced by London based American producer Julian Standen, who produced The Lemonheads top 10 cover version of ‘Mrs Robinson’. 
I quit the band in 2008 and then joined Portsmouth based rockers ‘Jenna’s Revenge’, writing the music for most of the band’s new material, and recording and producing the next two albums myself at my home studio setup, which was a great experience. 
Also during this time I was writing, recording and performing with upcoming singer/songwriter Becky Payne, who had won several high profile singing competitions and was promoting herself through solo gigs. I accompanied and recorded with her for a two day session with producer Stuart Epps (Elton John, Led Zeppelin, Paul Rogers, Jeff Beck, Oasis, Robbie Williams…) in his Buckinghamshire studio. Also performed with Becky on several live radio sessions for her promotion. 
Took couple of years off of gigging whilst our second daughter was born in 2012, but am raring to go again now. I miss performing. 


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