Cliff As If And The Golden Shadows

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Cliff As If and the Golden Shadows are a five-piece tribute band that recreates and celebrates the career of Cliff Richard and the Shadows.

The music played is from the early days in 1958 until the mid sixties, sometimes known as the golden period. Music is performed fully live (no backing tracks) by experienced and passionate performers using authentic equipment and instruments to recreate the early British rock 'n' roll sound.

They cover the full spectrum of Cliff and the Shadows music in the period ranging from the early rock 'n' roll hits such as 'Move It' and 'Dynamite' to pop classics such as 'Do You Wanna Dance' and 'Livin' Doll'. Not forgetting some of the classic Shadows instrumental tunes such as 'Apache', 'Wonderful Land' and 'Foot Tapper'.

Cliff's classic movie hits are also included such as 'Summer Holiday', 'Dancing Shoes', 'The Young Ones', and 'A Voice In The Wilderness' to name just a few.

Their show is filled with a variety of great music and laughter and encourages audience participation to join in with the fun.

Although the main act is a five-piece live band, they can scale down to a Cliff, Hank and Bruce format (three performers) supplemented by backing tracks as required. You still get the same music and show format but at a reduced cost.

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