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Blues Brothers Inc

This Blues Brothers tribute was formed in March 2001 when Macker Stace and Jason Shirley joined forces with three backing vocalists to form Blues Brothers Inc.

Since then they have appeared at many venues including:

Thorpe Park - Chessington

Cruising the Caribbean/Ocean Village

Corporate work London hotels including the Hilton/Grosvenor/Rembrandt

Corporate Cruises / Oriana and the Aurora

Various Holiday Camps and Social Clubs

Recently touring Chicago Rock Cafes, Jumpin Jaks, and Bar Meds

Cowes Week Isle of Wight

Work for companies as Cinque Port Leisure, Luminar Leisure, Park Resorts, Bourne Leisure, Arena Events, Stageworks WWP

Butlins FER/Bourne Leisure


"The Two Blues Brothers were Dynamic, their energy inexhaustible"

Joy David (The stage)

Voted top Tribute act at the Showcall Showcase 2001 by Tony Barry Global Entertainments

"Great dancing from Jake and Elwood, Unbelievable energy"

Marcus Collingbourne (The Stage)

"The two girls and the man who provided the backing are talented and they sang danced covered the room involved the audience and complimented the Blues Brothers perfectly"

Joy David (The Stage)

This show is also available with backing singers and dancers. The show is normally booked as 2x45 minute spots comprising one tribute spot, and one party spot. Other options are available on request.

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