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Adam can capture and hold the attention of children as young as 3 years. With the ability to tailor his approach according to the age ranges of his audience, Adam competently entertains everyone. Adam The Famous Magic music man has entertained at an array of different venues including Southsea castle, The pyramids (not the ones in Egypt) HMS Warrior, HMS Ark Royal, he has worked in a barn, in a mansion, the Spinnaker tower, holiday villages, and even on fun cruises. Adam once had HRH Prince Andrew at one of his functions. So if he's good enough for Royalty, we think you'll love him.


ADAM'S COMEDY MAGIC SHOW is a 45 minute show and is exactly as the name suggests. Over time Adam has tailored the comedy magic show to suit different age groups. For children aged 3-5 Adam uses bigger more colourful tricks with a story based routine.

For children aged 5 - 8, Adam has a more street wise sort of approach to his comedy routine and performs tricks that will capture the attention and imagination of his audience.

The real celebrity of the comedy magic show is of course the birthday boy or girl who is also presented with a birthday gift and magic birthday card from Adam. Everybody gets a little something to take away from the children's party as a reward for their contribution to the successful magic tricks performed at the show.


ADAM'S DISCO PARTY is a dancing extravaganza packed full of party dances, party games, and pop music. Adam has re-designed the party games avoiding the old fashioned individual elimination style whilst sticking with the traditional and friendly competitive element that we adults remember from our childhood. There are sweets for all, prizes for competition winners and lollypops at the end to take home. The DISCO PARTY is performed in two parts allowing a break half way through for party food, presenting the birthday cake and of course, singing happy birthday to the birthday boy or girl.


ADAM'S COMBINATION PARTY is a combination of the COMEDY MAGIC SHOW and a shortened version of the DISCO PARTY separated by the break for party food.


ADAM'S KIDS CABARET SHOW is a brand new addition to his repertoire. Combined with comedy and magic, the KIDS CABARET SHOW is interactive, with the entire audience invited to participate and perform in the show and demonstrate that kids have talent too. ADAM'S KIDS CABARET SHOW is great for holiday parks, organised events, mixed aged parties and parties restricted by time.


If there's one thing you can be sure of, you won't find a cooler DJ for your school discos. Adam The Magic Music Man or DJ Adam is the talk of the school yard after a school end of term disco. "There's no secret" says Adam "if you're a child at heart you just go with the flow"

Adam has designed some competitions especially for parties with large numbers of children - Lets face it; it would be agonisingly slow to eliminate 150 children in a game of musical bumps or statues.

Adam's action packed competitions are based on things that are currently appealing to our younger generations for example: STRICKLY COME DISCO DANCING. It's amazing the excitement that surrounds this competition which has a dancing final in which all those not lucky enough to reach become judges. Even the teachers will let their hair down, join in, play the part of judge and give their honest comments on the standard of dancing. There are certificates for the winners and runners up.

If you haven't heard of STRICKLY COME DISCO DANCING then you would have almost certainly heard of SUPER BUMPS, its only downfall is the time passes by too quickly as it's played. Like STRICKLY COME DISCO DANCING no one is excluded at any time and there is an exciting twist to the competition that keeps everyone involved interested throughout. SUPER BUMPS is about team work, speedy reflexes, talent, imagination and having lots of fun where the adults can get involved too.

Adam always likes the adults to participate in the antics. He believes that their participation adds to the impact of a party, enhances the atmosphere and shows the younger generations that adults like to have fun too.

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