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Mobile Skittle Alley

Mobile Skittle Alley 
A permanent Skittle Alley is not always the best option. A portable 
alley can be used inside or outside and is a flexible alternative. It 
can be easily assembled in as little as 10 minutes by just one person. 
It is dismantled just as easily and quickly. 
The skittle alley measures approximately 30 foot long by 3 foot 6 inches wide including the return gully. It can be made shorter if space is limited because it comes in a number of sections. The ball / skittle catch area is protected with a foam buffer to reduce the noise level. 
The Skittle Alley is enclosed on three sides at the skittles end and protected by buffers to lesson the volume of noise and to reduce wear and tear. Each Alley is supplied with 3 bowling balls and 9 hardwood skittles. Rules for the game and score charts are also supplied. 
Where can it be used? 
The Alley can be used at a number of venues from Social Clubs, Church Halls, Community Rooms, Schools, School Fetes, Team Building events, Pubs, Hotels, Village Halls, Back Gardens etc, etc, the ideas are endless. 
Who can use it? 
The Skittle Alley is suitable for ages 5—105. It is enjoyable for all abilities, both able and not so able bodied. 

Price guide per day: Price may vary depending on location. 
Monday—Thursday *£110.00 
Friday—Sunday *£125.00 

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