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Michael Hinchliffe

Michael Hinchliffe will entertain and amaze your audience with an extraordinary, fun packed, and fast paced show. It can be difficult finding the right entertainment for your purposes. But here is something completely different. 
A Mindreader ! 
Michael Hinchliffe creates theatre of the mind. During his show he will explore the subjects of : 
• Thought projection 
• Thought reading 
• Predicting the actions of others and forecasting future events 
It has nothing to do with the paranormal. However, it has everything to do with mystery, intrigue and fun. It is a shared experience of the fantastic. It is a show with total audience participation. 
Prepare to enter a world where everything is not as it first appears. You will see things you would not believe possible. Your experience will prove that the line between the possible and the impossible is as thin as a soap bubble. 
Michael Hinchliffe harnesses the skills of observation and logic built up as a criminal defence lawyer, and combines them with psychology, persuasion, memory techniques, personality profiling and statistics to both influence your choices, and decipher your thought processes. 
He will dazzle your mind and make you question the very parameters of what can and cannot be achieved using the power of the mind. You will witness demonstrations, which you will find both astonishing, and unbelievable, had you not witnessed them yourself. 
A show where everything happens in your mind ! 
An audience totally engaged, intrigued, and experiencing first class professional entertainment. 
In the following pages you will find more information on a number of presentations, which will ensure your next event will be one to talk about long after the event. 
The Stage Show 
Michael Hinchliffe presents an interactive fun packed show. He will broadcast his thoughts into your mind. He will persuade you to make decisions which he has forecast in advance. 
Witness the group mind-reading demonstration, whereby the audience is asked to concentrate on his or her personal questions. 
In order to concentrate, Michael is visually deprived using a blindfold. He then attempts to explore the minds of the audience, using 
techniques honed over twenty five years in order to connect with their thoughts and answer their questions. 
Never, will you have encountered someone who can tell you so much about yourself, given you’ve never met him before ! Prepare to enter a world where mind reading and mind control is commonplace, and the rules of reality are flexible. 

You will feel the excitement and hears the gasps of the audience as Michael reveals what audience members are thinking of. The names of relatives, holiday destinations, and pictures thought of, will be plucked from their mind. 
The only show of its kind….. anywhere ! A show which is memorable, and will remain vivid in the mind of your audience long after the event. A show people want to see again…..and again. 
Private/Corporate Parties 
You can also experience the shared experience of the fantastic in an informal environment. Have a fun time witnessing amazing mental feats at your private party. 
Up close and personal, Michael will attempt to influence your thoughts via the power of suggestion. You will question whether your actions are as a result of free will, or if in fact persuasive language has been used to guide your actions. 
Play the “Game of Fate”. Michael will forecast in advance the decisions of 4 people involved in an experiment. 
Participate in the amazing “propensity for hyperbole” test whereby one participant will be asked to lie to Michael. Others will be asked to tell the truth. He will identify the bluffer and then show you techniques to help identify those who are being economic with the truth. 
Michael is often asked if he can read minds over the phone. Yes, he can ! Once seen, it is never forgotten 
Your requirements 
All shows can be customised in both content and length, subject to your requirements. The standard stage show is 45 minutes in length. This can be extended or reduced. 
If required, a public address system and backdrop will be brought to your event. You only need to book his show and Michael will ensure that it proceeds smoothly. 

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