Daz N Chave

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Daz n Chave

Daz and Chave started out playing Chas and Dave's music two years before they appeared on 'Stars in Their Eyes'. That was in the late 90s. After Stars in Their Eyes they worked all over England, and still do. They have also played in Europe and the USA. DAZ N CHAVE PLAY ALL THE HITS - Rabbit, Sideboard Song, Gercha, Snooker Loopy, Banging in ya Head, Margate,(War time medleys) (Sing-a-long Medleys) (Rock n Roll medleys) No Pleasing You, London Girls and sing-a-long songs that you will all know.

They will perform for you ONE HOUR OF CHAS AND DAVE HITS. Plus they will provide a fantastic Disco for pre start, and after the tribute spot. So the whole nights sorted, all you need to do - BOOK EM!

John Bedford Entertainments Ltd